Thursday, 9 November 2017

Did an Engineering firm, based in Daventry predict the John Lewis Christmas advert character before the John Lewis Christmas advert was released? #underthebed #released9thnov #steamtractionworld

Well Tweedily deedily dee it's time for some more festive fun with miniature steam engineers, Steam Traction World. Each year, around Christmas time, to say thank you for the continued support of customers, friends and family, Steam Traction World offer a uniquely original, some may say masterpiece (most will not), yuletide yarn for your enjoyment. This year is no exception with some familiar faces returning to your screens.

 Deedily diddy Dave returns after a triumphant introduction last year and, after whole 12 months of singing lessons for this time around, brings some of his old friends: Bear, Hare, Carrot, Coalaff (a slightly similar-looking character to a Frozen favourite*) and the staff at Steam Traction World. This year has everything (sadly the kitchen sink did not make the final edit): steam, music, singing, dancing, steam, lights, steam (did we mention steam?) and a few slapstick jokes too. No characters were seriously hurt, although Dean did pull a muscle trying the splits. We didn't ever ask Dean to do the splits! So fetch a cuppa, a sherry or simply your favourite tipple, sit back and (hopefully) enjoy "Build a Burrell" from Steam Traction World.

Please share on social media, comment on YouTube below and get involved to see if "Build a Burrell" can be the best ever Steam Traction World film. Tweedily deedily dee, tweet, tweet (and Facebook) Merry Christmas!! #buildaburrell #steamtractionworld #JohnLewisChristmas 

Things we have learnt from this. 
It would have been quicker to teach Dean and Steve to actually dance than to animate this. Lip syncing is quite difficult - and certainly takes a long time too. Don't ever give Coalaff a warm hug. It will only go two ways. If he is cold, you'll get covered in soot. If he is hot, you will get burnt. He is also incredibly annoying either way. We are better off as engineers and makers of the finest miniature Steam Engine kits. From your feedback, you do enjoy our festive films - we are really pleased for that. Give us a Thumbs Up (Youtube) is you like this years. Thank you. *Coalaff is made from Coal. For legal reasons he is not based on any other character from any other film and any similarities are purely coincidental. Dave (Number 2) is not the Dave from Sainsbury's Christmas advert last year, or the Carrot was never from the Aldi offering again, possibly from last year. Bear and the Hare were however, blatantly half-inched from the John Lewis Christmas advert from a couple of years ago - only because we love the John Lewis adverts though. So much so we had to squeeze #UnderTheBed in this year - we launched our Christmas advert before John Lewis for 2017! Please do not sue. We do actually have an awesome creative idea for a future John Lewis Christmas advert, we'd charge you 50% less than you've just paid for your 2017 advert. Get in touch. Never Knowingly Undersold.

Steam Traction World

Friday, 20 October 2017

Rugby Web Design

Rugby Web Design

Rugby Web Design

Local & Professional

As a creative website design agency in Rugby, we have the experience, expertise and skills to create high-impact websites, using a variety of media, to promote your business.

We are a small friendly team of professionals all passionate about what we do - that is to create and implement good design, giving you a strong presence on the web, on social media and in local newspapers and magazines.

Rugby Websites

We believe in giving your business a kick start on the web with a site that works for you with strong search engine optimisation always in mind. Designing and producing beautiful websites is what we specialise in. Your business is great and we’ll make sure your website amplifies that. We take care of everything including hosting, email, domains, content creation… the list goes on.

Rugby Web Design

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Ex-Standard Triumph Workers Website Launched

New Website Designed and Launched

Press Release:
Calling all ex-Standard and Triumph employees and their families.
We are hoping to document EVERY employee from the Standard, Triumph and BL factory sites in Coventry. From the very start to the very end - we want to hear from you!

Head over to and fill in a name, service dates and department. You can even list what you worked on, or any memories you have; you can write as much or as little as you'd like. List your colleagues names too to build the archive. You can post an entry on behalf of a family member too. Make yourself a cuppa and please spend five minutes adding a detail or two.

The register hopes to build a lasting archive of all the workers at this great company.
Remembering the Good Old Days, Today!

‘The best days of my life’What’s the Idea with the Database?
Fascinated with stories from ex-employees from Standard, Standard Triumph and Triumph, we thought we would collate and document as many of these memories as possible.
We’d love you to get involved by adding as much or as little information as possible to the archive. Ultimately, we’d like a list of every worker, the years they worked there and which department, or part of the factory.
This, we appreciate, needs to start somewhere – so perhaps you can help with a name Smith, John for instance – it gives us something to aim for.
Submitting Details.
You can submit details online using the form and by clicking the Submit a Name link. Here you can add a name (Surname first please) and any information you may have – department, service years etc etc. Finally you can add your own name – you may be submitting on behalf of someone else. Then click on Submit.
You can submit as many names as you wish – you may have worked in the same department with Steve Smith, John Evans and Bob Jones, so you can submit their names either independently, one for each submission, or as a list in the description, and we’ll pull them out, to list on their own.
What Not to Write
Each submission is moderated before it is added to the database – so anything we think isn’t appropriate will not be added – please do not include any contact information such as home addresses or telephone numbers either. If you would like the platform to ask old friends to get in touch, you can do but we may remove contact details to ensure any responses appropriate.

In the description part you can write as much as you want – the more the merrier with some entrants being pulled out as future ‘featured’ articles. If you are writing a long entry, we’d recommend you write you entry in Word, or similar, so you can save your typing!
Email Us
You can email info through to If you have any old photographs, you can email them to us via this address too. We’d love to see them.So please, make yourself a cuppa and spend five minutes adding some memories to the database after all, many ex-employees consider their time at the Triumph Works, ‘The best days of my life’ Thank you.


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Fairy Tale - the results

The film was particularly well liked with a number of people commenting it was 'the best yet.' It certainly was the most demanding project to date as we produced, from scratch, every single element that you see on screen.

Diddy Dave - Diddy Do It?

The Figures.
Steam Traction World's Fairytale of Alvis broke a number of records:

48,194 People reached on Facebook. Over 19,000 views on Facebook
63 shares, 135 likes. (FB direct link)

30,712 People reached on Facebook
74 shares, 171 likes. (Link to YouTube)
During December 93,890 people were 'reached' by Steam Traction World via the Fairytale of Alvis Way film and the associated posts and updated.

450 'Thumbs' up. 0 'Thumbs' down
100% 'Thumbs' up

(All Figures collated 5th Jan, 2017)
In addition to individuals, the film was shared by a record number of companies and groups on their own Facebook pages. The list included: The Shuttleworth Collection, Great Dorset Steam Fair, Old Glory, Ulster Vintage, Roxby Heritage Weekend, Steam & Rally Events, Australian Model Engineering Magazine, K&L Model Railways, Vintage Enthusiasts Worldwide, Steam Car Club GB, Steam Engine Heaven, Nottingham Industrial Museum, Hire Steam, Logs & Maintenance.
Facebook Likes:
November 28, 2016 - 3,072
January 5, 2017 - 3,181

Watched in:
United Kingdom, United States of America, Philippines, Australia, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, France, India, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Portugal, Pakistan, Austria, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Mexico, South Africa, Argentina, Czech Republic, Turkey, Indonesia, Finland, Japan, Denmark, Hong Kong, Egypt, Russia, Thailand, China, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Greece, Malta, Norway, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Hungary.
(In order of most watched)

Your Comments:
"I love it! It's charming. I love steam and a good animation." Claire Dunning
"It's great, isn't it - very 'Smallfilms' in feel." Paul Edwards
"Fabulous! I love a traction engine! It's in the blood!" Angela Smyth
The best Chrismas ad of 2016. (Ahem), Might appeal slightly more to people who like steam engines, sheds, model-making and that sort of thing. Up with that sort of thing! (sort of Ivor The Engine style animation, too. Up with that sort of thing, too).
"Just watched the Xmas video - I just don't know where you find such creativity and talent, I hope you can afford the singers!!"
Paul Hawkins
"It is great, well done xx." Jane Perryman
"Love it thats brilliant." Lloyd Harrison
"Best one yet." Steve Hull
"Geweldig mooi" (Amazing beautiful) Jan van der Woude
"Absolutely, brilliantly funny. Well done!" Mike King
"Good work :)" Thomas Doherty
"That's great" Gareth Johnston
"Luv it. Very clever :-))"
"Brilliant. Thank you." Marian Dolphin

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Fairy Tale of Alvis Way

Here it is folks - it's the annual Steam Traction World Christmas film - The Fairy Tale of Alvis Way (based on The Pogues Fairy Tale of New York).

It's December 24th and there is a very special delivery en-route from Steam Traction World to our hero - Dave. It's the very last delivery of his...oh, we won't spoil it for you, we'll let you watch it for yourself.

Your can watch it here: The Fairy Tale of Alvis Way.

Rugby Web Design

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Logo Prices - the Highest!

A list of logo prices - needless to say we offer them at a much, much lower price!

Pepsi logo price tag: $1,000,000
The new Pepsi logo was designed by the Arnell Group in 2008. The listed prices include a complete branding package unless otherwise noted.

Australia and New Zealand Banking
Group logo price tag: $15,000,000

New Zealand Banking Group logo was redesigned in 2009.

Accenture logo price tag: $100,000,000
The new Accenture logo was designed by Landor Associates in 2000.

BBC logo price tag: $1,800,000
The BBC logo was redesigned in 1997.

British Petrol (BP) logo price tag: $211,000,000
The BP logo was redesigned in 2008.

Glasgow 2014 Games logo price tag: $95,000
The Glasgow 2014 Games logo was designed by Marque Agency and this price only includes the logo design.

London 2012 Olympics logo price tag: $625,000
The 2012 Olympics logo was designed by Wolff Ollins in 2007