Thursday, 14 July 2016

Steam Car Driving Experience

With gleaming, highly polished brass, luxurious leather - and the glorious bursts of white steam - steam cars are, quite simply, show-stoppers. They are ideal with the top down but available with full weather gear for use all year round - and their large size enables you to travel in complete comfort.

How would you like to drive a vintage steam car? It is the ultimate vehicle to drive - how many people have ever done so? Here's your chance to get behind the wheel. Following on from a comprehensive demonstration, you'll see how a vintage steam powered car works and how one drives as you are transported back to the good ol' days. Your adventure is complete with a nostalgic trip, in a steam car, to a local pub for a bite to eat.

HIRE STEAM can now offer this amazing opportunity to drive one of our steam cars - with you being fully hands-on and driving a unique, nostalgic car of yester-year; a truly unforgetable experience and one that is not available anywhere else in the UK. We have a choice of two cars and your experience will include an introduction to how a steam car works, you actually driving the car and lunch - an informative (and tasty) treat for both steam and automotive fans.

We are located on the Northamptonshire/Warwickshire border and your Steam Car Experience enjoys some amazing scenery with rural roads and picturesque countryside, driving in the grounds of a 14th Century stately home and alongside a Warwickshire reservoir.

With flexible packages and prices from £149, including both driving and passenger experiences - it is a fantastic new adventure and available NOW!

Friday, 27 May 2016

Triumph Herald Book

A brand new book is now available for fans of the Triumph Herald. Triumph Herald Book
New Triumph Herald Book

A beautifully presented brand new book available for 2016 documenting the development, launch and production of ZOBO - the Triumph Herald. Featuring over 150 rare period photographs, articles and memorabilia this Limited Edition 48 page book takes a look into the incredible journey of the Triumph Herald - against all the problems of suppliers, cashflow, management and disruption - the popular Triumph Herald came out on top!

The book follows a month-by-month timeline from the initial concept through the first years of production and up to the takeover by Leyland Motors in 1961. Featuring key dates and cars this is a fantastic resource and must for fans of Triumph and the Triumph Herald.

Limited to just 948 copies worldwide. In stock and available NOW!
Once sold out it will NEVER be available again.

Testimonials: "Got mine today and I have to say, WOW, it is a fantastic publication and a lot of work gone in to produce. Thanks for doing this. I am delighted with the book and I cannot recommend it enough, all Herald owners should get a copy. Well done to all concerned." Ken Nolan, Dublin

"Brilliant bit of work. Love this book." Angus Hart, Somerset

Update: Pleased to announce the first book have been shipped - and sent out all over the world including: Australia, New Zealand, USA, Ireland, Finland, France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sri Lanka and Italy. Triumph Herald Book
Triumph Herald Book

Friday, 13 May 2016

Sainsbury's in Camden 'sorry' for free artist advert

Sainsbury's has apologised after one of its London branches placed an advert in a local paper seeking an artist to decorate its canteen for free. The store in Camden Road took out an advert for "an ambitious artist" to "voluntarily refurbish" the facility. The company was shamed on social media by people who pointed out the successful supermarket chain should pay its way. A spokesman for the company said the advert was an "error of judgement". Artist Conor Collins attacked the supermarket's attempt to hire someone for free and suggested the store deducted some money from its bosses' salaries to "pay someone to do work for you so that the concept of 'starving artist' wouldn't have to be a thing."

He wrote on Twitter: "Dear Sainsbury's, I am looking for a company worth £150,000,000 to feed all of my artist friends in Manchester." Others read: "@Sainsbury's Awful. You can afford to pay an artist their worth." While another said: "So @sainsburys let me get this straight. You turnover £26bn yet want an artist to voluntarily decorate your canteen?"

Friday, 26 February 2016

Steam Traction World Set to Re-release the Lykamobile Steamer

Make a Steam car
Lykamobile Steamer
The Lykamobile Steamer - Series 2 from Steam Traction World

A series of self assembly kits at the rate of one kit per month over a twenty four month period.
The Lykamobile (pronounced 'Lie-ka') is a full sized Steamer based on the original Locomobile of 1898 - updated, utilising modern materials, machining and components. We have introduced practicalities too, such as disc brakes and modern, treaded tyres. The modified 3 stroke Hackworth valve gear offers forward and reverse and the Ackerman design tiller offers responsive steering.
The Original Lykmobile Steamer (Series 1) proved to be very popular with sixty five selling worldwide. The Lykamobile has been 'out of production' with a 5 year break in manufacturing and is, only now, being re-introduced due to customer requests. This brand new batch will be limited to only thirty across the globe with production starting in July 2016 - or sooner once ten confirmed orders are achieved.

We drove our Series 1 Lykamobile from John O Groats to Lands End - to prove the build quality, reliability and raise heaps of cash for charity too!
The Lykmobile Steamer Series 2 will have a number of improvements - This will include much ‘beefier’ valve gear (beefier is a technical term!), valve gear running on bearings, use of oil impregnated bushes throughout and stronger leaf springs. We are also considering changing the electrical water managing system gauge system and redesigning the boiler so it is more like a Stanley Steam Car.

Lyka a Lot.
An Early Bird discount is available currently. To qualify for this offer simply be one of the first ten customers to secure one of this batch and you will save £1,756 on the advertised list price. So far 7 deposits have been received in the last week.
Further pricing as follows.
Deposit: £823 (normally £995)
Kits 1 - 24: £549 (normally £615)
Total price: £13,999 (normally £15755 saving £1,756)

All we are asking at this moment in time is a holding deposit of £195. This then secures the special offer price for you. The balance of the deposit payment of £628 will only be required when we confirm we have received ten firm orders and issue you with a commence date. We are estimating starting production around July.
All the above prices include VAT at 20% but excludes delivery. Please contact me for international costs and a shipping estimate if relevant.

Length: 2.2m * Height: 1.6m * Width: 1.4m * Weight: 410kg

A bit more info.
All our products are uniquely designed to be assembled using hand tools only, such as spanners, files, Allen keys etc. Electric tools like hand drills or hand grinders assist with speeding up the build process and cleaning up of the parts up but are not necessary. No machinery should be required as each kit comes fully machined and requires de-burring, hand finishing, assembling and painting in your choice of livery. All our boilers come fully assembled and hydraulically tested and come complete with CE mark to full European standards. Detailed and comprehensive assembly instructions and Isometric drawings are supplied with every kit plus we also offer a full telephone and email support service to all our customers. We are located in the UK - check out our Facebook page (or website) for more details.
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Go on 'Lyka' this post and the Steam Traction World Facebook page!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Facebook New Emotions

After more than a year of working to build alternatives to its trademark ”like” button, Facebook has globally launched emoji “Reactions.” Users can still respond to a post or comment with the traditional “like” button. But starting Wednesday, holding down the “like” button on mobile or hovering over the icon on desktop, gives users an expanded menu allowing them to choose from six different animated emoji “Reactions”: Like, Love, Ha ha, Wow Sad or Angry. “Reactions” are designed to be an extension of the “like” button as opposed to a full-on replacement. Users will be notified when their posts receive ”Reactions” in the same way they’re notified about “likes.”

Wednesday, 24 February 2016 'strutting man' advert is most-complained about

An advert featuring a man strutting down a street in hotpants and high heels received the most complaints in 2015, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has revealed.

The ad attracted 1,513 complaints, with viewers citing its "overtly sexual" content.

The ASA did not uphold the complaints.

Chief executive Guy Parker said matters of offence can "grab the headlines" but most of their work is focused on "tackling misleading advertising".

'Distasteful not offensive'

The body acknowledged some viewers might have considered the TV and web advert, featuring a man called Dave dancing to Don't Cha by the Pussycat Dolls, to be "distasteful".

But the price comparison site commercial was not judged to be offensive or in breach of the advertising code.

A company spokesman said the public feedback to the ad was "overwhelmingly positive".

Three adverts for hotel website, where the word "booking" was seen to be used in the place of a swear word, were the second, fourth and seventh most-complained about ads of the year - with 683, 407 and 201 complaints respectively.

The complaints were not upheld, with the ASA saying "it was a light-hearted play on words that couldn't be mistaken for an actual swear word".

The third most-complained about ad was a campaign for online payment site Paypal, which showed two children concerned their parents had not been shopping for Christmas presents.

It received 464 complaints from people who "expressed concern that the ad revealed the truth about Father Christmas". They were not upheld but Paypal independently changed the scheduling of the ad.

In fifth place was a poster campaign advertising a Protein World weight-loss product with the slogan: "Are you beach body ready?".

The poster, showing a woman in a bikini attracted 380 complaints, and the ASA told the company that due to "concerns about a range of health and weight loss claims" it could not appear in the same format again.

The ASA concluded the ad, which was defaced in Tube stations and sparked a petition calling for it to be banned, was not likely to cause serious or widespread offence, however.

Mr Parker said: "Our top 10 for 2015 will no doubt get people talking about whether the ads are or aren't offensive, but there are important issues at stake here.

"Advertisers must take care not to cause serious or widespread offence, but we don't play a numbers game.

"And while matters of offence can grab the headlines, the bulk of our work is the less glamorous task of tackling misleading advertising. That's why we're taking a more proactive approach to address the issues which affect consumers the most before complaints need to be made."

Monday, 18 January 2016

Bitcoin - doomed?

A high-profile Bitcoin developer has said the crypto-currency has failed and he will no longer take part in its development.

Mike Hearn, a Zurich-based developer and long-time proponent of Bitcoin, surprised many this weekend when he published a blog calling Bitcoin a "failed" project.

Mr Hearn, who had until recently been working on new software for the currency, says he has now sold all of his own bitcoins and will no longer take part in the crypto-currency's development.